Fascinated by subtle and profound time

Noh art has been handed down over centuries since Muromachi period. Frail eyes of the Noh mask, mysterious sound of musical accompaniment, and fantastic dancing. Dreamy time serenely starts at the stage in verdurous Fukatani.

Noh stage of Motoyu Ishiya

Since successive lords loved Noh art and encouraged it, Noh culture had spread to local people all over Kanazawa.

The Noh stage here is made entirely of hinoki cypress constructed by Nizaemon Ishiya, the sixth generation of Ishiya.
He loved Noh of Kagahosho school that rooted in Kanazawa, and built the stage to celebrate the birth of his grandchild.

Experience a traditional Noh play

Once a year, we perform a torchlight Noh only the inn installing Noh stage would be capable of. By fire in an iron baskets, an actor in Noh costume showing up on the stage, the stage mood is suddenly changed and guides you to illusory world. Enjoy a mysterious but exiting performance of an hour and a half.

※Contact us for the date and the time schedule of the performance.

phone: 076-258-2133