Kanazawa Fukatanionsen Motoyu Ishiya

元湯石屋 紹介動画ページへ


Traditional rooms where make you feel nostalgic

Rooms in Motoyu Ishiya are perfectly preserved and offer traditional atmosphere. Please enjoy a leisurely stay and spend a wonderful time as you wish.


Taste a seasonal charm of Kanazawa on Ishiya Kaiseki cuisine

We cordially offer the best delicacies with high quality materials of each season and our authentic flavorings loved generation through generation in Kanazawa.

Traditional multi-course dinner

Fukatani moor hot spring indulging in the eternal flow of time

Amber-colored water of moor hot spring contains natural moisturizing ingredients derived from plants gushing through layers under the ground over centuries, and known as its high skin-moisturizing effect.

Fukatani moor hot spring

Fascinated by subtle and profound time

Noh art has been handed down over centuries since Muromachi period. Dreamy time serenely starts at the stage in verdurous Fukatani.



moor hot spring