Fukatani moor hot spring

Fukatani moor hot spring

Be soaked in time immemorial

Plant-derived nourishment has been dissolved in the water of Fukatani for ages. Soak yourself in the mild amber-colored water thinking time immemorial, you will feel skin-moisturizing effect and purifying your mind as well.


Moor hot spring for smooth skin

The source of Motoyu Ishiya hot spring contains plant-derived organic substances, sodium bicarbonate and natural moisturizing ingredients as it is gushing out through layers of lignite which was made from reed and other native plants accumulated deep in the ground over the ages.
The water is characteristic of its amber-color and mild to the skin. It is also known as “Bihada-no-yu”, the hot spring for smooth skin.

Spring therapeutic effects and quality

Spring therapeutic effects hemorrhoids, chronic skin diseases, sensitivity to cold, neuralgia, muscle pains, joint pains, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, stiffness in joints, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive diseases, recovery from illnesses, fatigue recovery, health enhancement, cuts, burns
Spring quality Sodium – hydrogen carbonate hot spring (containing alkaline sulfur spring)
pH 8.5 ( weak alkalinity )

Public bath for gentlemen

Public bath for ladies

Open-air bath

One-day bathing

Those who don’t put up the property are also allowed to take a bath between noon and 3:00pm.
Shampoo and soap are provided. Bring towels.

Bathing rate JPY 1000
Bathing hours 12:00 〜 15:00

About Facilities

Facilities Public bath for ladies “Kogyoku-no-yu”
Public bath for gentlemen “Kohaku-no-yu”
Open hours 6:00am – 11:00pm
6:00am – 19:30am